How to Improve Blog Loading Speed - 7 Tips & Tricks

How to Improve Blog Loading Speed - 7 Tips & Tricks

Improve Blog Loading Speed

Improve Blog Loading Speed - If you are a blogger then you must know how many elements are needed to make the blog successful. Like Blog Content, Blog loading speed, How to Explain. If you do not know about it, then you will hardly find success in blogging. Here, I will tell you some important things about How to Improve Blog Loading Speed. So, read this Article until the end. 

Improve Blog Loading Speed
improve page loading

Today I am going to talk about the second most important element of any blog or website in this post. Do not understand! The first major element of any blog or website is the content, that is content because the Content is king, which you believe and will also care for it.

But writing only High-Quality Content will not work, rather the speed of your blog should also be fast. According to Google's report, if your blog is not open in 3 seconds, then 40% of your visitors may be lost. These are a big SEO factor.

Apart from this Google Rank only fast blogs. This is the second most important element of any blog. You have to take care of yourself. But it is often heard from beginner bloggers, due to this so-called hosting company my blog is slow. Which is not 100% true.

How to Improve Blog Loading Speed - 7 Tips & Tricks 

Actually, the speed of your blog depends on optimization, not in your Server. If you have your blog theme, database, plugins etc. If you optimize correctly, your site will start loading in 1-2 second.

1. Cloudflare CDN:

I call it God of Speed because in the Cloudflare you will get a service like Premium for free in the same way you will have to spend some dollars per month to get it from Service Maxcdn.

While you point to Blog from Cloudflare's Free CDN and enable Rocket Loader, the Speed 3 to 4 times your blog will be fast.

Misconception: By the way, some bloggers are confused with the Rocket Loader, using its Adsense code breaks.

Yes, there may be some such cases. But in my blogging life, I checked manually about 50 blogs, who contacted me for Speed Optimization.

I did not find such a problem on any blog. If you think that too, enable Rocket Loader today and enjoy Speed.

2. Database Optimization:

Just as the installation of Microsoft Window and Daily is used, many Unnecessary Files are stored in RAM in Cache Files and Hard Disk.

In the same way, with the installation of WordPress and the Daily use, many non-essential files are stored in the database, which should be kept clean from time to time. So that the fast speed of the blog remains intact. Install WP-Optimize Plugin and Database Optimize for this.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins:

Use any new plugins for any Beginner Blogger, like they are like experimenting, which they enjoy while doing it. Due to the same experiments and enjoyment, so many plugins do, blogs become bullock cart.

For any normal blog, 10-12 plugins are required, and any new plugin will put much impact on your blog speed, you can check it from P3 Profiler Plugin.

Apart from this, I am telling you some speed tips from my experience,

4. Choose Best Hosting Company:

Godaddy, Bluehost and Hostgator are the famous hosting companies in India and there shared hosting plans are the same.

For example, speed, space, and bandwidth will be available simultaneously. The main thing here is how many resources will be available for your shared hosting plan.

Meaning purchased from these three companies, Shared Hosting will be good or bad. This thing also depends on some luck. Just like you bought a shared hosting plan and you are pointing the domain to such a server.

Where a website with High Traffic already exists, then the website will also use Resource of your rights, and vice versa, your domain is pointed to such a server, where small type blogs exist, More resources will be found. Therefore, I would recommend that if you have a low budget then you can start blogging from Godaddy's Rs 99 plan too.

5. Optimized Image and Host Images on Subdomain:

Image Optimization is not only optimized by installing WP Smush such as Plugin but also Optimize Offline with the help of Image Software.

And the Dimension of the images should be kept there, the image of the dimension that you want to put on your blog. Do not shorten it by WP Editor, but choose Full Size, otherwise while loading the blog, Image loads in its original form and after a moment the dimension are set by HTML. The image creates two requests instead of one, causing a bad effect on the speed of the blog.

Host your image on Subdomain, it will keep your blog fast for a long time. For this, you enable the Jetpack Plugin to install and only enable its Photon feature.

Misconception: Well, some WordPress Expert believes that Jetpack is Plugin Group of Plugins and that Speed Slow makes the blog faster.

Yes, Jetpack is Plugin Group of Plugins, but it slows down the speed of the blog, it Depends how do you configure Jetpack?

There are many features of the Jetpack Plugin, which will make Slow your blog if you enable it. So use the Photon Feature of Jetpack, which will speed up your image and disable all other features.

6. Minimize CSS, HTML and Javascript:

If you use W3Total Cache and Cloudflare, you will not need to install any third plugin to minimize CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Simply enable the Minimization Function of Cloudflare or Minimization Function of W3Total Cache. Do not use both Functions together, which will disappear by the look of CSS from your Blog.

Misconception: I saw some blogs that use the Autoptimize plugin to optimize CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

I found in every test that this plugin has Slow Speed of Blog more than 1 second.

Then what kind of optimization did that work? Enable Cloudflare's Optimization feature and forget the plugins.

And do not forget to use the Optimize Website Feature by going to Cpanel.

7. Disable Comment Avatars:

The comment shows the Engagement Capacity of any blog. But every comment takes 40ms. This way, if you have 20 comments on any post, then the additional load of additional 1 second on post loading will increase.

So switching Avatars by going to Settings >> Discussion. 

Daily do something for the betterment of the blog and do not forget every change with the blog on GTmetrix, Pingdom, Pindom and GTmetrix Report check each Blog, if you find unnecessary, then dont delay to Solve the problem.

So, Guys that's all for today. Please share this Article with your Friends & Family.

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