10 Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - 2019

10 Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - 2019

Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - Google chrome is the most used and popular browser. Its design is clean and it takes 5 seconds to install. In addition, the chrome web store has many useful extensions available for users, which is helpful for everyone. People can make their work easier. Frankly, Chrome is so good with its extension of the browser. Here I will tell you about 10 extensions of google chrome which is especially for bloggers. Using these Extensions bloggers can make their blogging easier. Let's know about some useful Chrome extensions for blogger.

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Blogging is not easy but if we try, it can make it a bit easier. To succeed in blogging and to make your blog popular, you have to work a lot, then you can become a Pro Blogger. Popular Blogger is making its blog easy by using a lot of tools like apps, software, plugins, and widgets to make your blog even more pro and making your blogging faster.

In this post I am telling you about 10 Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for all Blogger to make blogging easier, using which a blogger can make 30% of your work faster and easier. If you are a blogger and use chrome, then you will be using some extensions of chrome.

Google Chrome is the most famous browser that is owned by Google. It lets users attribute through extensions. The extension is like a tool that enhances our browsing experience. Chrome offers thousands of extensions, from which I'm telling 10 extensions for the blogger.

10 Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers 

Here, I'm telling about the 10 chrome extensions that every pro blogger uses so you can make your blogging work easier and faster.

Top 10 google chrome extensions for bloggers,

1. Google Dictionary 

While reading something or writing a post for your blog, or at times reading the news, there are many such words that we do not know the exact meaning. The exact words you find in search For the same purpose chrome has an extension (Google Dictionary) that tells you the full definition of any word when you double click on it.

There may be a spelling mistake or a misprint of a word in your blog post. You do not think you can criticize the user who knows about it.

2. Lightshot (Screenshot Tool)

There are great extensions to take a screenshot of the Lightshot and a screenshot is needed by every blogger. By the way, everyone knows that screenshot can be taken easily by pressing the window + print screen but in this way, only a full-screen shot can be shot but the light show is an extension that allows you to take the shot of the part you want.

This allows any part of a screenshot to be taken, and we can share our screenshot on social networks and also edit it.

An image is similar to 100 words and you can create a good image with the help of light shot.

3. Save to Pocket

I found a blog about which there is much information on the Internet. I am currently busy in work after I want to read or want to save that post. If you want this then save to pocket extension is for you.

Save to pocket extension allows you to save that post again, or you do not have the time or you want to read it later.

These chrome extensions are also available for iOS smartphones so that you can read the same post later on your mobile.

4. AdBlock Pro

If someone is reading good news and you are annoying him then he will not be able to know about that news completely. Similarly today people get annoyed with web ads. If you are reading good news on a site and ads are bothering you again and again then Adblock pro extension is for you.

You can block the ads by adding Adblock extensions to your chrome. After which you can read without annoying ads. 

5. Buffer

It's all about knowing that this is a free Social Media Management Tool. You will be sharing your blog on social media sites. This buffer makes it easy to share posts on your social media profile and save you time.

With this, you can make your social media post a schedule that is available on all popular social networks platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

6. Email Hunter

To become a Pro Blogger you need to connect with other ProBloggers. This is a great way to promote your blog but to find out the owner's correct email address to join a pro blogger or blog is very tricky.

But email Hunter is an extension that lets you find the email address of any website blog that lets you carry your blog with a pro blog.

7. Gmail Offline

This is an extension that allows users to find and read, reply to, and archive emails in Gmail without the Internet. In fact, a copy of all the email is downloaded to your Gmail account after the initial installation, it is kept as a local copy in the computer which can be checked without the internet.

8. LastPass

It is a Password Management Extension that allows us to store all our passwords safely in one place and also provides a strong password. If you accidentally re-use your old password then it tells you. LastPass is useful for you. Its free version is also available.

9. Save to Google Drive

The Google Drive extension allows you to save any web document, photo, MS office document, CSV files, and HTML video and audio directly to your google drive. Also, they can save file formats on the fly as a google document to change them.

10. Break Helper

You are continuously working and you did not even know when Day and when the night, your habit can spoil your health. We will be able to do hard work only when our health is fine. Therefore break helper extensions will remind you that you should rest for a while now.

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