Youtube vs Blogging? Which is Best for Making Money?

Youtube vs Blogging? Which is Best for Making Money?

Youtube vs Blogging? - Youtube vs Blogging, Which is Best for Online Earning? Blogging and YouTube are the most popular Because we can Earn lots of money.  For some people, these are full-time jobs. The reason for this is that anyone can earn money by sitting at home, but many new internet users do not know which one is Best for them?. But don't worry, In this article, I will tell you which is good for you.  

Blogging vs Youtube

 Blogging vs YouTube is particularly beneficial for brands and people who want to get more traffic for their websites. Today everyone wants to earn money and name, all want to become a more famous user on a pro blogger, top YouTube and social media sites.

Often people keep their hands on the blogging vs YouTube platform for promoting their business, for many pro bloggers and YouTube, this is their primary way of earning, so for them, it remains a part of their lives.

You will see that many YouTube users are attracting everyone to their talents in the video on their YouTube channels. Millions of subscribers on their channel, views on videos, they are a Pro YouTuber. 

So if you are new at blogging vs. YouTube then you may be wondering what is right for you?. If you are thinking, then in this Article I will tell you which is good for you?. Youtube vs Blogging.

Which one Good for Making Money? Youtube vs Blogging 

Here I will tell you about blogging vs. YouTube, you can understand more about what is right for you and if you can make money, let's first know about blogging. 

What is Blogging?

If you create a blog then you will become a blogger and a blogger who writes information on your blog and shares it with people is called blogging.

Posting to earn money from blogging will not work, rather it will need to share information that is new to people and helpful.

What to do for blogging? 

  •     Computer or Laptop
  •      Blogging Platform WordPress or Blogger
  •      Blog (domain) name.
  •      Best Hosting Service
  •      Blogs need to be attractive using the Top plugin and another method.
  •      The design of the blog should be that every user likes.
  •      Post the high-quality post on the blog.
  •      There should be basic knowledge about SEO.
  •      Blogs have to be managed continuously.
  •      Increase more traffic.
  •      To make money, blogs need to be connected to AdSense. 

To be successful in blogging and making your blog a pro blog and making yourself a Pro blogger, you have to do all this. Also, you will have to work on your blog continuously to become a pro blog, blogger and have more traffic to your blog.

If you want to do blogging, you may have come to know what you need to do to Blogging, so let's now know about YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video website on which we can also watch videos of all types and can also be uploaded to the video itself, for that we have to create a channel on YouTube, which we can make money by uploading the video.

You do not need to write to earn money from YouTube. You just have to create a video that everyone likes.

What to do for YouTube?  

  •      Have to create a YouTube channel (good name for channel)
  •      The video will have to be uploaded.
  •      Camera or Smartphone
  •      Select a Topic on which you want to create a video.
  •      The video should come in handy.
  •      Information about YouTube SEO
 To earn money from a pro channel and YouTube, you have to be aware of all these things and apart from them, I am telling about some of the things that you must have in order to earn money from YouTube.
  •  Good Voice
  • Talent
  • Unique Style

The most important thing you need to do to earn money from YouTube Secondly, your style, most people on YouTube, prefer to watch videos where youtube is explaining it in front of the video.

The last thing you should be in is your talent, how many people can you attract from your talent.

YouTube shows more of that channel which is more subscribed and you will only subscribe if you can create a high-quality video.

So now you may have come to know what to do to earn money from blogging vs. YouTube and what to do. Let me tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging vs. YouTube, which you can easily find out about Is that better for you? 

Advantage and Disadvantages of Blogging Vs YouTube

  • Blogging: We have complete control over the blog, we can manage our blog.
  • Blogging: There are many advertising websites on the internet to earn money from blogs, which we can make money by putting on the ads blog.
  • YouTube: Talking about YouTube, you can earn only by placing advertisements on Google Adsense on videos.
  • Blogging: To make money from blogging, you need to do a lot of things like many blogs like blog theme, design, SEO setup, which a new user can not do
  • YouTube: To make money from YouTube, you only have to upload the video after making the channel, after that there are some settings not to be done.
  • Blogging: To make money from blogging, you have to first get the necessary information about it.
  • YouTube: You do not have to learn much to earn money from YouTube.
  • Blogging: From blogging, we can earn a good name along with money.
  • YouTube: Youtube can be earned with money by name.
  • Blogging: You can find any click CPC on ads on the blog.
  • YouTube: Very low CPC is available on YouTube video.

which is best for earning?

I have told here that what to do with blogging vs YouTube is what does not have to do, it is not what you have to work on. You will decide on whom you would like to work.

According to your opinion, you work on what you like best, which means that you are interested in. If you think you can create videos that you like, then select YouTube.

Or if you like to share information with people through a blog, then you can blog. You can earn money from blogging with new information.

After reading this post, you may have learned a lot about Blogging vs. YouTube or what is better than blogging and YouTube and what will be good for you to earn money. At the same time, you may have come to know which one you have to work on if you have come to know and you are successful in determining whether blogging vs. YouTube is good and then commenting on it.

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